Convenient Testing

Take an ASE test on the computer at any Prometric test centers. You can reserve your appointment for day, night, and weekend testing, and will receive instant test results. You can also find a seat at a test center before you register and pay for your ASE test. ASE testing has never been more convenient!
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Promote Your Career

Increase your customers’ peace of mind. Earn recognition for yourself and your employer

It’s one thing to just show up for work; it’s quite another to take control of your career, and get recognition for the knowledge and skills you’re developed over the years.

That’s what ASE certification is all about: helping you tell customers, employers, and other people about what you know. After all, almost anyone can turn a wrench — but you’ve gone the extra mile, and put in the time and effort to learn your trade. Your ASE certification patch is proof of it.

Are you ready to earn ASE certification?

If you’ve been working in automotive service and repair for a couple of years, it’s quite likely you’re ready for ASE certification. You may already satisfy the work experience requirement … and you may also already be familiar with the content areas on the test for certification in your specialty. You can find out where you stand by taking an Official ASE Practice Test.

If you think you could benefit from becoming an ASE Certified professional, talk with your employer. Some shop owners may pay for part or all of the cost for ASE testing.