Across the country, there are hundreds of thousands of auto professionals who are ASE Certified in dozens of specialty areas, including many professionals who are certified in multiple areas. The numbers of professionals currently certified by ASE are shown below (with information accurate through the Spring 2021 ASE test administration). This list is updated once a year in July.

Please note in addition, there are 44,247 students who hold current ASE Entry-Level certification.

Automobile Technicians182,513
Service Consultants16,300
Maintenance/Light Repair Technicians23,254
Advanced Engine Performance Specialists34,376
Collision Repair/Refinish Technicians12,616
Collision Damage Estimators4,527
Medium/Heavy Truck Technicians32,396
Truck Equipment Installation & Repair Technicians2,508
Compressed Natural Gas Technicians1,460
Transit Bus Technicians3,655
School Bus Technicians4,561
Parts Specialists19,981
Net Total Service Professionals243,553
Note: “Net Total” means individuals with multiple certifications are counted only once.
Master Automobile Technicians58,334
Master Collision Repair/Refinish Technicians3,148
Master Medium/Heavy Truck Technicians10,623
Master Medium/Heavy Vehicle Technicians1,169
Master Truck Equipment Technicians1,107
Master Transit Bus Technicians1,029
Master School Bus Technicians1,569
Automobile Series
A1: Engine Repair110,554
A2: Automatic Transmission Transaxle82,848
A3: Manual Drive Train and Axles90,611
A4: Suspension and Steering133,989
A5: Brakes143,102
A6: Electrical/Electronic Systems117,826
A7: Heating and Air Conditioning105,526
A8: Engine Performance103,568
A9: Light Vehicle Diesel Engines18,694
Maintenance/Light Repair Series
G1: Auto Maintenance and Light Repair23,254
Medium/Heavy Truck Series
T1: Gasoline Engines9,398
T2: Diesel Engines19,691
T3: Drive Train15,849
T4: Brakes22,030
T5: Suspension and Steering16,950
T6: Electrical/Electronic Systems18,176
T7: Heating, Ventilation & A/C16,465
T8: Preventive Maintenance Inspection19,461
Truck Equipment Installation and Repair Series
E1: Truck Equipment Installation and Repair Specialist1,788
E2: Electrical/Electronic Systems Installation and Repair1,717
E3: Auxiliary Power Systems Installation and Repair1,617
Collision Repair and Refinish Series
B2: Painting and Refinishing7,220
B3: Non-Structural Analysis and Damage Repair6,094
B4: Structural Analysis and Damage Repair5,436
B5: Mechanical and Electrical Components7,427
Damage Analysis and Estimating
B6: Damage Analysis and Estimating4,527
Alternate Fuels Series
F1: Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle1,460
Advanced Level Series
L1: Automobile Advanced Engine Performance Specialist31,947
L2: Medium/Heavy Vehicle Electronic Diesel Engine Diagnosis Specialist4,100
L3: Light Duty Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Specialist1,617
Transit Bus Series
H1: Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Engines744
H2: Diesel Engines1,749
H3: Drive Train1,684
H4: Brakes2,446
H5: Suspension & Steering1,935
H6: Electrical/Electronic Systems1,716
H7: Heating, Ventilation & A/C1,707
H8: Preventive Maintenance and Inspection2,033
School Bus Series
S1: Body Systems and Special Equipment2,623
S2: Diesel Engines2,303
S3: Drive Train2,285
S4: Brakes3,519
S5: Suspension and Steering2,418
S6: Electrical/Electronic Systems2,301
S7: Air Conditioning System and Controls1,289
Service Consultant Series
C1: Automobile Service Consultant16,300
Specialty Tests
X1: Exhaust Systems5,692
Parts Specialist Series
P1: Medium/Heavy Truck Parts Specialist1,438
P2: Automobile Parts Specialist18,498
P4: General Motors Parts Consultant1,093